Dr. Jeffrey Lewis

Corpus Christi Chiropractor, Dr. Jeffrey LewisDr. Lewis felt that he was a natural in chiropractic, as his undergraduate studies were in physics…

Dr. Lewis did his undergraduate studies at Portland State University majoring in Physics. He then went on to Western States Chiropractic College to receive his doctoral degree in Chiropractic.

Dr. Lewis felt that he was a natural in chiropractic, as his undergraduate studies were in physics. Physics is an engineering science that deals with structure and gravity. The human spine, being a structural entity, makes physics and chiropractic a perfect combination.

For example, the skull weighs approximately 10-15 pounds and sits on top of the spine. Gravity is pulling the skull straight down. The brain with the nervous system will do everything it can to keep the eyes horizontal. With this in mind, one can see that if a person has a problem somewhere in the structure, this in turn can cause symptoms somewhere else in the body. The misalignment can cause pressure on a nerve or (subluxation=misalignment) causing the person to have pain symptoms. Pain is our own body’s way to tell us that something is wrong and needs to be checked.

Dr. Lewis works with the whole body to end the true cause of the problem and relieve the pain symptoms. Most doctors are chemists or biologists, very few are engineers. The spine is a structural entity, so why not have an engineer look at it! Have Dr. Lewis at Corpus Christi Chiropractic & Wellness look at your spine to find the true cause of your problem – and your symptoms will go away…

Dr. Lewis believes in the Wellness Approach. He works out at the local fitness center 5-6 days a week, concentrating on cardiovascular and weight training. He is not trying to be Mr. Universe, but wants to keep his muscles toned and his weight down. He tries to watch what he eats and stays away from saturated fats and red meat. He likes to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables and drinks plenty of water. Keeping a positive attitude is important to Dr. Lewis, he knows that the attitude you present determines your altitude.

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